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Cereals Gathering

The Unit’s mission is to advise and interact commercially with the producers of the region, to receive their production and market it. The main objective is not only the sale of cereals and oilseeds but also to provide customers (producers) with different inputs and services for the normal operation of the activity, such as the sale of agrochemicals, seeds, fuels, and ground sprays. . Our receiving and conditioning plant is located in the town of Las Junturas. It has a storage capacity of approximately 12,000 TN distributed in several silos and cells with different capacities which allows a better segregation and conditioning of each product. Continuous flow drying and its capacity is 80 TN / Hour.

This unit is not only concentrated in the handling of large production volumes, as are the main commodities of our region: Soy, Sorghum, Wheat, Maize, etc. But it also develops “specialties” that require more attention and care through which any process that could present some damage or damage to the grain is eliminated. This is carried out through different stages of vibration, selection by size and optical (electronic) sorters; The main products of this sector are Garbanzo, Poroto Mung, Adzuki, among others.

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Las Junturas is a Cordovan town located in the department of Río Segundo, Córdoba, Argentina.

Country Road 1600 - C.P: X5965ADB
Las Junturas - Córdoba - Argentina

Tel.: + 54 3532 492015 / 052
Fax: + 54 3532 492333

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