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Maglione Brothers and Company. S.A. is a family company dedicated to the production and commercialization of products related to agricultural activity in Argentina Is inserted within the region of greatest agricultural productivity of the country known as the «Pampa Argentina».

The company is located in the town of the joints, Córdoba province, located about 120 km. of the provincial capital, part of the quintessential peanut region of Argentina, with 98% of national production. Our mission as an organization is to develop and improve agricultural activities, adding greater value to the products of our region.


The organization’s mission is to grow, develop, and consolidate in the Argentine agricultural sector, knowing that there is a commitment to a family name and path inserted in a community or region.

This development is based on fundamental and key components such as:

– Peanuts.
– Grain procurements.
– Agricultural production.
– Fason Services.

These axes, must serve the research and development of new products and market individually as well as work in coordination to achieve the objectives of the organization as a whole.


Every Decision of Maglione Hnos. y Cía. S. A. must be ruled or framed within parameters that govern its actions. Such values are:

– Proactivity.– Planning.
– Teamwork.– Confidence.
– Distributive Justice.– Disclaimer.

If we think about these values that govern our actions, we should keep in mind in the same way, that each one of them should be put into practice, always looking for:

– The effectiveness.– Quality.
– Customer Satisfaction.– The innovation.



Brief history of the firm

In October 1933, at the hands of Atulio "El Negro" Maglione and Alberto Barale, husband of Pierina Maglione, the store of general branches Maglione & Barale was born, which they bought from Messrs. Rabotti and Lubrina. The general store stores - called thus for the variety of commercial items- were the mainstays of growth of the towns and the rural area since there they were sold from bulk foods to hardware, corralón, machinery, carriages, furniture among other products, supplying the basic necessities and those inherent to rural activities.


Diversification process

Since its inception, the company grew steadily, incorporating products and machinery of different types to the general store, making the hardware store one of the largest in the area and the province; which supplied the settlers of Las Junturas, the department of Río Segundo and nearby towns such as Villa María. In 1944, following the patterns that guided the vision of the company, a new business unit was added: Gathering Cereals. Thus began another stage of the process of consolidation of the company, with a clear commitment to the agricultural sector and a social objective.


Expansion continues

With two decades of work, Maglione had managed to consolidate. The general store - its flagship business - and the collection plant continued to grow and the maximum responsible for family entrepreneurship. Atulio decided to advance even more in the agricultural activity. Thus, in 1954 they bought the first 54 hectares in the area to start an agricultural operation.


The second generation

The company continued the path of growth in all the productive areas. The incorporation of a 2nd generation to the company meant a new imprint, with new projects such as the breeding of cattle, bringing the first 100 specimens of the Polliet Hereford breed, with the aim of making animals for consumption. In the 70s, the agricultural sector and the economy in general also modernized. The national manufacture of basic machinery for agriculture, such as tractors, harvesters and silos allowed a total mechanization of the task and substantial changes in the forms of storage and transport.


A new bet: the peanut

In the 70s, a process of investments and re-structuring of the company's infrastructure began to improve the quality of grain storage, building cells, silos, warehouses, and cell mechanization. And the most important step was recorded in 1976 with the installation of the first continuous flow dryer in the area, representing a great advance for the sector. In 1978 it was decided to expand the organization and add a new activity: the production of peanuts, doing it manually and very precariously the first years and then, with the passage of time, the tasks were mechanized and industrialized.


Openness to the world

Maglione took a fundamental step: he began to export a small part of agricultural production; that over the years was growing by positioning Maglione internationally and also Las Junturas, Córdoba and Argentina. In 1991, Maglione ventured into the external market, placing 10% of the production; which marked the beginning of the process of internationalization of the company that over time was increasing, currently present in the 5 continents.


Years of investments

The first years of the years of Convertibility encouraged several companies to invest to achieve a position in foreign trade. Maglione took advantage of this possibility and outlined an ambitious investment plan that included the incorporation of polychromatic channels in the production of HPS peanuts, the installation of new silos, sheds and cells in the cereals sector; which allowed the company to make a qualitative and quantitative leap, while at the same time it meant a turnaround in business. The experience in international trade was recent, but the results obtained encouraged managers to continue conquering new markets and customers.


Bet on volume, added value and quality

The inauguration of the blanching plant, a new HPS confectionery peanut plant, certification of ISO 9001-2000 and HACCP standards and the incorporation of more technology were the main advances of Maglione to finish consolidating internationally. This productive turn was reflected in the quantities exported nationally, since it tripled in five years, going from 63,000 to almost 210,000 in five years. The bet on the peanut continued. In 2004, the construction of a new HPS confectionery plant began, to face the challenge of a greater volume of annual production.


Certification of ISO 9001-2000 and HACCP Standards

2005 with the firm commitment to continue improving the company, certified the ISO 9001-2000 and HACCP standards. Four years after initiating the blanching activity, the original expectations had been over fulfilled and in 2007 it was decided to incorporate a new production line. For this reason, a cell for 9,000 tons of peanuts was built in the same field, obtaining in a more solid way the integration of all the stages of the production process in the plant located 1.5 kilometers from the town of Las Junturas. Thus, progress was made towards industrialization, expanding the installed capacity to respond to the growing external demand.


Follow the growth

In 2012, a new refrigerated warehouse of 2,292 square meters was built to improve the storage conditions of the finished product, which has a fully enclosed cargo rack, with no possibility of contact with the external environment, allowing the container filling process to be carried out. clean, safe and safe way, in which the container leaves the closed and sealed consolidated cargo rack.


Present and future

Throughout 84 years of life, Maglione was growing and developing as a solid company in the province, gaining presence in the international market. Maglione Hnos currently has 5 business units: commercial office, agricultural operation, grain storage plant, confectionery and blanched peanut plant, wheat flour mill located a kilometer and a half from the town. Today we can reaffirm that we are still a family business that was born in the interior and continues to bet on the interior, with the challenge of adding added value in order to leave a legacy, a contribution to the community that saw us grow and to which we bet every day.

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