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Production Process
Mani Blanching

Two 4-stage linear ovens With a maximum capacity of raw merchandise of approx. 2800 Kg / Hour. The heating process is slow and smooth, without hitting or damaging the grain.

This is a mechanical process (not manual) the rolos present cloth sandpapers to obtain a less aggressive process generating less pulp, dust and mechanical damages such as split and/or broken.

This stage consists of an optical selection made by a selector Then an ocular and manual inspection to remove from the production line some foreign body that could have been as well as grains that present some type of damage.

After definitive bagging of the product, all merchandise for the last control of metals to ensure that the product is free of ferrous material. The function of the detector is to remove from the packing line any merchandise that is mixed or contaminated with any filament or other ferrous material.

Last stage of the blanching process. This point is flexible and dynamic. Here we adapt to the client's requirements according to their management logistics. The most usual packages are poly x 25 kg. Poly for 50 kg. Big bag x 1000 kg, big bag of 1250 kg.

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