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Production Process
Mani Runner H.P.S.

Sampling every truck that enters from the field.

Physical and chemical monitoring aflatoxin, acidity and peroxides.

Weighing and control entry and exit of merchandise.

Static drying Process.

PEANUT STORAGE BOX - Cell with aeration and temperature control, cement floor.

Is to separate the peanuts on hand all kinds of impurities like stones, sticks, lumps, iron, etc.

Shelling, vibrated and selection. Shelling of 2 stages, then the peanut in grain passes through a double process to remove impurities vibrated peanut and finally reaches an optical sorting to optimize color quality by eliminating defective harm.

Counterbalanced system screens, this allows us to select a range by size gauge, following the requirements of each.

The modern facilities of the company is designed for bagging in big bags, however according to orders our customers' packaging may be in 25 or 50 kg.

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